40 minutes | Jun 8th 2018

Let's Talk - The Advantages of Starting Over with a New Baby after a Decade

In this episode, we have "The Talk" about what it's really like Starting Over with a new baby after a decade. About how for many it's a do-over and the last time to enjoy this parenthood thing.  The Advantages of Starting Over: Appreciating the gift of Starting Over.  Learn to embrace flexibility and give up control.  Think about all the experience you have.  Think about all the mistakes you always wished you could have a redo on. Now's your chance, don't blow it with this one!  Have you wondered, why you?  Be open and learn to enjoy the new normal of your life.  Get help, you don't have to do this alone.  Relax and enjoy this baby. Forget survival mode and focus on thriving mode.  See more articles and resources like this at www.laboyjoy.com like: How to Trust God's Perfect Timing for your Family  Back at the Start, How did we get here?  Reflections of Light at the End of the Tunnel - A Mom's Journey to Freedom Join our community of other mothers just like you desperate to parlay with someone who understands.  www.facebook.com/groups/laboyjoycommunity Music Credits: Pond5 Sweet Baby Freedom by LowNotes
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