22 minutes | Jun 8th 2018

How to Survive Softball Season and Have Joy in the Chaos of it All

In this episode, we explore the chaos of the softball season and how to find the balance and the joy in the chaos of it all.  For links and complete show notes head to LaboyJoy.com post called: How to help Frazzled Moms Conquer Softball Season Chaos Review the Weekly Schedule for Schedule Changes Coordinate Rides and Carpools for the Week Ahead Plan meals for the week and use the Crock Pot if you’re into that kind of thing Include after-school and pre-game snacks in the meal plan Have your child set out her uniform and pack her equipment bag the night before a game Put ice water and bench snacks in the fridge the night before Wash uniforms twice a week (in the tub or sink if necessary) Keep your car stocked with the Family Car Kit Essentials Limit your child’s extra-curricular activities to one sport per season Frazzled Mom, you are ready, now look forward with excitement to the day’s events. Time for a player pep talk Wrapping it up…you are a Frazzled Mom no more! Some more great resources and printables for you. Before the Softball Season Begins, let’s make sure your player’s softball equipment is game ready. Check out the Ultimate FastPitch Softball Equipment List with a link to a printable checklist.  Get your car ready for any need you’ll come across on the softball field! Check out my Best Basic Travel Softball Car Packing List complete with a link to the printable checklist. Join us at LaboyJoy.com and check out our Facebook Community at www.facebook.com/groups/laboyjoycommunity Music Credit Pond5 Sweet Baby Freedom by LowNotes
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