22 minutes | Jun 8th 2018

How to Enjoy Authentic Mother-Daughter Bonding Time

In this episode of Joy in Chaos we explore how you can enjoy authentic mother-daughter bonding time with your teen, especially when you have a new baby at home. These ideas are designed to combat feelings of jealousy of her younger siblings. Worried about the changes in your teen? Does she seem to be rebelling more? Taking part in attention seeking activities? Or Acting Out? Is she sad all of a sudden and isolating herself?  Has she asked you for some time together? WAKE UP MAMA! She needs you in that moment. Here are some tips to help you Stop, Drop and Go give your "baby" the time she needs.  Create Mother-Daughter Bonding Time with your children.  Head over to LaboyJoy.com for more tips and encouragement for moms raising teens and tots, like: 7 Easy Mother-Daughter Date Ideas your Teen will Love Want a Fun Family Vacation with Teens but not your Tot? Go for it!  Sign up for our LaboyJoy Community on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LaboyJoyCommunity/ Music credits to Pond5 Sweet Baby Freedom by LowNotes
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