24 minutes | Oct 19th 2018

How to Ditch the Mommy Guilt - Taking Care of Yourself

You cannot always play the role of Wonder Woman. Can you be all things to all people? Not without burning out. Here are 5 mindset shifts you can make to take care of yourself and recharge your tank.  1. Release control and release the mommy guilt - take off that Wonder Woman shirt already. 2. Get rest and restoration - how you can give yourself the time away to recharge. 3. Listen to your own emotional cues. Don't jump. 4. Take little breaks to clear your head 5. Reconnect with your Lover.  Your family deserves a mom that is happy and rested. Accept the help you need to get a break from mommy duty to rest and restore your sense of well-being. You'll be an even better mom when you do.  Remember, you are not alone. Join our community at www.LaboyJoy.com and on Facebook at Laboy Joy Community.  Until next time, Be well. Chandra of Laboy Joy Music from Pond 5 Sweet Baby Freedom 
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