30 minutes | Jul 23rd 2018

Good Sportsmanship Tips from a Reformed Mom

Truth time: Are you the embarrassing parent at your kid's games? Is it time for a change? Right here we are talking about how to stop being an embarrassment at your child's games and how to start modeling good sportsmanship for everyone around you! This podcast is not for the mom or dad that respectfully cheers for the great plays made by each team. Or the mom or dad who behaves themselves at game-time, makes friends with the other parents of the competition, and high fives the referees after the game even when the other team won. This one is just for the mom or dad who loses their cool on more than one occasion, at each and every game when things start going the wrong way for their kid's team. You know the one. The one who screams at the ump and throws down his hat when the ump called a strike when it was "clearly too high." Or the parent who freaks out and starts arguments with the parents of the opposing team. You know the one. Or worse of all, the one that yells, mocks, or rants openly at other players on the opposing team. Oh, that is bad. If YOU are the ONE, then this one is for you. Check out the entire article and useful links to other articles at  www.laboyjoy.com/good-sportsmanship Thanks for joining us at the Joy in Chaos Podcast! Join our community at facebook.com/groups/laboyjoycommunity Music Credits to Pond5 Sweet Baby Freedom
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