43 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

Sabria A. McElroy on Making DE&I a Priority

How Women of Color Can Self-AdvocateIn this episode, Sabria A. McElroy, Partner at Boies Schiller Flexner, shares her perspectives on the challenges women and people of color face in the legal industry. She offers her insights on how firms and clients can create change by understanding the importance of the ROI of DE&I. She knows that gaining confidence and overcoming internal struggles were part of her path to success. Sabria also realizes that having the support from senior leadership had a tremendous impact on that success. Here, she shares this experience and offers insight into how and why formal mentorship and sponsorship programs are integral to the long-term survival of any organization.  Tune in for perspectives on:Methods on dismantling imposter syndrome and achieving career goalsThe value of white male alliesHow companies can create mentorship and sponsorship policies that encourage the pairing of those that do not look like you.
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