43 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

Noreen Kelly On Mastering the Balancing Act

Honoring Commitments to Others While Honoring Commitments to YourselfIn this episode, Noreen Kelly, Partner at McGuireWoods, shares her career development from a junior associate to a partner while being a single mother of two. The key to her success is getting clear with what she wants and actively advocating for herself. Her stories reveal the same struggles many working moms have with balancing their professional and personal life. This especially holds true in the legal profession. As a member of McGuireWoods' Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Noreen has observed first-hand, the positive impact her corporate clients have had on improving DEI initiatives at the firm. She offers valuable insight on this, and on how the pandemic will change the way we work post-Covid.Tune in for perspectives on: Tips on how to use self-advocacy and mentorship for career advancementThe rewards and compromises of being a working momObstacles and opportunities for more flexibility at work and more diversity in law post-Covid
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