48 minutes | Sep 9, 2021

Hillary Holmes On DE&I: It’s Simply Good Business

How diverse teams are often the best teams and other insights on inclusion. In this episode, Hillary Holmes, Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, discusses her career journey in the legal sector and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way. A life-long Houstonian, Hillary’s passion for law and business grew from a young age after watching her mother become one of the first female partners at her firm. Hillary shares how the legal sector has come to embrace diversity over the years as well as the benefits of working at a firm where DE&I is viewed as a key component to creating the best legal teams.Tune in for perspectives on: ●Exceeding client expectations through creativity, ingenuity and diversity ●Being mindful of unconscious bias and the negative impact of assumptions and stereotypes ●Keeping the momentum going — making DE&I part of the everyday thought process
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