46 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

Brenda Oliver on Being Your Own Champion

Being Your Authentic Self in the Workplace In this episode, Brenda Oliver, Principal at Jackson Lewis P.C. talks about how her immigrant background inspired her to become a business immigration attorney. Growing up in California, Brenda watched many people from diverse backgrounds succeed in their careers. This gave her the courage to keep pursuing her dreams despite the many challenges she met along the way. Often be the only woman of color in a meeting room, she had to overcome her won self-doubt and the bias of others in order to achieve her goals. Brenda hopes that her strides in early years can help more female and diverse attorneys who comes after her, to achieve their full potential regardless of their backgrounds. Tune in for perspectives on:•Finding passion and purpose in law as a woman of color•The importance of seeking mentorship from different backgrounds•Tips on overcoming self-doubt and becoming your own champion at work
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