47 minutes | Oct 21, 2021

Angela ONeal On Manifesting Career Goals

When Fear and Intuition CollideAngela ONeal, Director of Nextra Solutions at Nexsen Pruet, joins the program to discuss the importance of grabbing hold of ambition and aiming straight for the top. As a first-generation college and advanced degree graduate, Angela addresses how she manifested her childhood dreams into reality and the challenges she faced while entering a male-dominated career as a woman of color.  Early on she learned the value of a strong support network and shares her perspective on the importance of mentors, sponsors and allies.  Her story also tackles the profound effect of diversity in the legal industry, the necessity of having direct conversations with colleagues around implicit bias, and why we should focus on meeting people where they are. Tune in for perspectives on:●Driving transformative change in the legal sector ●Sponsors & Mentors: The Allies you NEED●Understanding the essence of equality
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