54 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

Ep077 Rapid Fire Q&A - We Ask Each Other Questions

In today’s show, the boys throw each other rapid fire questions that would, on a normal day on the show, require a rabbit hole of a nose dive into a deep and meaningful conversation.  If you want to know more about your hosts and how they think, this will be a great episode to tune into. By answering these abstract, random, and often deep questions, we discovered many would be worth a deep dive for a future full length episode. For now, enjoy this fire round style show of the Journey to Wherever equivalent of an AMA (as me any anything). About the podcast: Journey to Wherever is a weekly podcast by two mates who also just happen to be brother-in laws, getting together to record discussions that shouldn't be left unsaid. We would absolutely love for our listeners to get in touch to share their thoughts, questions, ideas, advice or feedback. Please drop us an email at journeytowhereverpodcast@gmail.com or reach us on our social platforms. We'd also appreciate a review on apple podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe so you'll always know when a new episode is out. You can find all the information you need about the show, including how to get in touch with us by visiting journeytowherever.com. Our socials: Instagram: instagram.com/journeytowhereverpodcast Twitter: twitter.com/journeywherever Facebook: fb.com/journeytowherever Email: journeytowhereverpodcast@gmail.com journeytowherever.com
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