24 minutes | Sep 16, 2015

J1 – Ground Zero

Sponsors This episode is sponsored by Bluehost (http://www.raidspawn.com/bluehost). Transcript Most people start a business podcast after successfully running a million dollar business, honing their expertise and then discovering a passion to help the world. I know this because I spent the last few years consuming every episode that a lot of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs published. I want to start this episode and show by thanking Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Jeremy and Jason of Internet Business Mastery, Noah Kagen of AppSumo, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and Gary Vaynerchuk of Vaynermedia for their wealth of knowledge and business information that they have released for free. I would also like to apologize for misunderstanding and making almost every mistake they set out to help entrepreneurs avoid. In the word's of Megamind: "There's a benefit to losing: You get to learn from your mistakes." Before we get started, let's just touch on the format I have elected to use for this show because it is unlike anything you have ever heard before. I always wanted to provide a great podcast for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, yet wanted to give something different than a run of interviews with successful business people. I have nothing against that, yet a lot of great podcasters already have that spot filled. Secondly, after listening to the first season of Alex Blumberg's wildly popular and amazing show Startup, I was re-inspired to make this show. There is no doubt that Blumberg's storytelling style has inspired my work and for that I thank him. Startup is one of the best business podcasts I have ever listened to, which is focused around Silicon Valley startups and their success stories as they battle through the tower of titanic tasks they face. Journey, from a story mixed with timely and useful insights perspective is similar while focused on a completely different audience, in a completely different style. This is the event-by-event story of an entrepreneur, myself in fact, who doesn't have a bunch of startup capital, who has been taking action and slugging it for years and who does this while working a full-time job. Hopefully, that story sounds all too familiar, yet it is one that often goes untold. Throughout the story, I had planned to sprinkle in first-hand interviews with entrepreneurs as to show you the knowledge you need to grow your own business from the ground up, yet my barrage of interview requests often came back in the
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