80 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

Realtor Goes From $0 to $150Million Yearly Gross Volume In 5 Years | GSD Mode Podcast Interview

Jay went from $0 to selling $150Million per year (gross sales volume) within 5 years, which led to a Multi Billion Dollar Company buying his Real Estate Team. In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Jay Bourgana breaks down His journey prior to getting into Real Estate (which created an amazing foundation for Him), what led Him to the Real Estate Industry and becoming a Realtor & how He went from being a brand new Individual Realtor to building a highly successful Real Estate Team that He was able to sell (and do all of this within 5 years, which is INSANE)!


Jay’s Contact Info:


(714) 388-6630




00:00 - Introduction


5:30 - How did you get into real estate and entrepreneurship?


10:00 - Try to find the ideal value in your clients mind, then figure out how to deliver that 


19:30 - Going from 10 home sales his 1st year to 300 in his 5th year 


22:00 - What advice would you give somebody that is looking to be able to stay focused and be an observer 


28:00 - There is a big difference between every single position inside a business 


33:00 - When is it the right time to start building a team as a real estate agent? 


42:00 - Losing 55 pounds and how his energy has improved after he started working on himself 


45:30 - What works well for you when it comes to building out systems and processes? 


48:30 - What have been some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome? 


55:30 - Assets vs. Liabilities 


1:00:00 - What were some key things that realtors should focus on when looking to build a real estate team that could be purchased by an outside company? 


1:07:00 - Why is team culture so vital? 


1:14:00 - Where to contact and learn more about Jay 


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