59 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Pro NHL Hockey Player Turned Realtor, Sells $12 Million In His 1st Year | Eddie Lack GSD Mode Podcast Interview

GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Joshua Smith and Eddie Lack. Prior to getting into Real Estate, Eddie was a Professional Hockey Player for 9 Years in the NHL and when that journey came to an end, He decided to become a Full Time Real Estate Agent & He has applied the same Mindset, Work Ethic, Discipline and Focus on Mastery to His Real Estate Career, as He did with His Hockey Career, and it is paying off! In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Eddie shares His journey to becoming a Realtor and what He has done that allowed Him to Sell $12 Million in Real Estate in His 1st Year + break into the Luxury Market within His 1st Year as well...

Eddie’s Contact Info:








00:00 - Introduction

5:30 - What led you into real estate after your NHL career?

9:40 - What are some things that carried over from your NHL career that helped you in real estate? 11:45 - What does obsession look like as a real estate agent?

17:30 - How have you been able to be proud of what you do as a real estate agent?

21:30 - Sphere of influence

24:30 - Being careful and articulate when posting on social media

28:00 - Deleting his Instagram page from when he was a professional NHL player and starting over

32:00 - Always looking for different streams to get leads

35:45 - What is the first call that you conduct for a potential client look like?

42:20 - What is it like in the luxury market that you are in?

44:20 - What are some things you did to adapt during COVID-19 closures in real estate?

49:45 - Where do you see yourself taking your real estate business in the future?

53:30 - Where to learn more about Eddie

56:00 - Advice Eddie would give to his younger self



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