54 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

New Realtor Sells $43Million In His 2nd Year of Real Estate | GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Spencer Hsu

Spencer Hsu is a Realtor in California and this Dude is on FIRE! His 1st year in the Business He sold over $9Million in Gross Volume Sales and in His 2nd year, He sold $43Million (and as He enters His 3rd year in the Business He has a goal to double His 2nd year production & I am confident that He will make that goal a reality)! Spencer Hsu breaks down how He has created so much success in such a short amount of time & one of the BIG reasons for His success is due to getting extremely clear on: "Who His Ideal Client Is"... Getting clear on your "Ideal Client" is so crucial and in this "GSD Mode Podcast with Spencer Hsu & Joshua Smith", Spencer breaks down who His ideal client is, how He identified them, the overall impact it has had and much more! This is a must watch/listen to Podcast!



Spencer’s Contact Info:









00:00 - Introduction

3:30 - How did you get into real estate?

8:30 - What are some skills that you were able to carry over into real estate from your previous career?

13:30 - The data does not lie

18:00 - Spencer’s demographic based client focus

23:00 - How do you make your LinkedIn messages stand out from the others?

27:20 - Examples of creative marketing realtors can use

30:00 - Not closing a single deal in his 1st 6 months

33:00 - Doubling down on what is working well

39:30 - How to make your client not feel ‘passed off’ when they are referred to your showing assistant?

42:30 - Where to learn more about Spencer

48:20 - Where do you see yourself taking your real estate business long-term?

50:00 - 2 pieces of advice Spencer would give his younger self


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