64 minutes | Feb 26th 2021

New Realtor Sells 25 Deals 1st Year, 47 in 2nd Year and Is On FIRE | Interview w/ Derek Timmons

Derek Timmons is a real estate agent who out the gate has been on FIRE! As a brand new real estate agent, Derek was able to close 25 deals during his 1st year while working only part-time on the side and still holding down a full time job. After making the switch to full time in his 2nd year, he was able to close 47 deals in 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, totaling over $250k in commission income. Now in his 3rd year, he is on track to blow that number out of the water and continues to absolutely crush it!     In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Derek discusses with host Joshua Smith EXACTLY how he has been able to find success as a new realtor and how he got to where he is today in such a short amount of time, what he believes is the key to having a high conversion rate, the insane value that comes with developing healthy business relationships with money lender, builders, investors, etc.., he details his online social media presence and talks about how important it is for real estate agents to be online in this day and age, and so much more. Don’t miss this one, hit play!       00:00 - Introduction   6:00 - What brought you into real estate in the first place?   10:00 - Transitioning from a part time agent to a full time agent while supporting his family   14:20 - What are some things you did when you switched to being a full time agent?   18:30 - What helped you almost double your production in your 2nd year?   21:00 - What do you think has been the key to having a high conversion rate?   26:00 - How do you approach developing new business relationships?   30:45 - What has been the most valuable relationship you have made as a real estate agent?   34:00 - What does your online presence look like on social media? 37:30 - Google Ads and website tips   40:00 - False reviews on Google and other services   42:00 - How to ask and vet reviews from clients   46:30 - How are you able to stay consistent with your schedule?   52:00 - The top priority for Derek to do 1st is to build your database   55:30 - Being so new and having no idea what he was doing   57:00 - If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that advice be? 1:01:00 - Where do you see yourself taking your business? 1:02:50 - Where to learn more about Derek       Derek’s Contact Info:       https://www.instagram.com/maverickgroupyyc/       dtimmons@cirrealty.ca         📚  For a TON of FREE Tips, Methods and Strategies to help you DOMINATE Your Real Estate Business, make sure to snag my new 100% Free Digital Book (it will be emailed to you within seconds) - Joshua Smith's Free Book "DOMINATE Your Real Estate Business - Top Tips From a Top Producers" go to: http://www.JoshuaSmithFREEBook.com/     👉 Looking for help in your Real Estate Business, Check out Joshua Smith's Coaching Program "Mastery Bootcamp" at: http://www.MasteryBootcamp.com     👉 Want to learn more about Joshua Smith's Coaching Program, see if the program is a fit for you, etc... Schedule a 100% Zero Pressure/Zero Hassle Discovery Call, Click Here:  http://www.MasteryBootcamp.com     👉 "Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" [FREE In-Depth 3 Hour Online Masterclass with Joshua Smith] - http://bit.ly/2WQHBqM     GSD Mode Podcast Sponsors/Supported By:     Perfect Storm (The most Effective and Affordable Real Estate CRM in the Real Estate Industry) - http://www.PerfectStormNow.com     Mastery Bootcamp (Joshua Smith's personal Coaching/Mentorship Program) - http://www.MasteryBootcamp.com     REO Mastery University (REO and Short Sale Real Estate Agent Training) - https://reouniversity.wpengine.com/     Connect With Joshua Smith On Social Media:     Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JoshuaSmithGSD     Instagram - https://instagram.com/joshuasmithgsd/    
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