75 minutes | Jan 8th 2021

How To Become Great At Lead Follow Up & Convert More Leads | Interview With Gus Munoz Castro

How To Become Great At Lead Follow Up & Convert More Leads | GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Gus Munoz Castro & Joshua Smith…  Gus is a Lead Conversion MASTER and shares tons of epic tips that any real estate agent can use to help improve their Lead Conversion Rate! | 


In this GSD Mode Podcast Interview with Joshua Smith, Gus talks about how he got into the Real Estate Industry, as well as what led to him becoming an Inside Sales Agent and why he connected with that and understood that position so well. Fast forward to today, and his business is doing over 50,000 calls on a DAILY basis which leads to them setting over 100 appointments every single day! | 


Gus shares some EPIC tips and advice that Real Estate Agents can use to improve their Lead Conversion Rate, and also how important it is to build your understanding of human behavior and how that helps Realtors improve their Real Estate Business. He also shares how he is able to set his ISA company apart from the others in the industry, how Real Estate Agents can improve their follow up strategy, and so many more awesome tips! Check it out! #GSDMode4Life | Gus’ Contact Info | https://www.powerisa.com/



| 00:00 - Introduction | 6:45 - What got you to where you are today? How did you get into real estate? | 11:00 - Rising through the ranks at his previous job | 16:00 - Rich Dad, Poor Dad |  23:00 - Having a lightbulb go off when he tried a Inside Sales position | 30:50 - Key tips for having an effective follow-up in real estate | 

45:00 - Understanding human behavior and tips for how to do that | 

53:30 - How do you ensure that the ISAs on your team are meeting the goals you set? | 

1:08:00 - What set’s Gus’ company apart from the others | 

1:13:30 - Where to learn more about Gus | 

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