11 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

Aging, Finance, and Resilience

Sarah Szanton, chair of the Patricia M. Davidson Professorship for Health Equity and Social Justice, discusses three key areas of her research: aging, finance in health, and resilience. Follow on Twitter: Sarah Szanton @ sarah_szantonJohns Hopkins School of Nursing @JHUNursing Episode Highlights: 0:23 Dean Davidson worked on getting an endowed chair 1:23 Health in older adults 2:23 Elders at home 3:23 Got around in a wheelchair 4:24 Financial strain and health 5:25 Add new income 6:25 Increased inflammation 6:35 Measuring structural racial discrimination 7:35 Nine different domains 8:35 Match to health outcomes 9:35 Measure of resilience 10:35 End
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