46 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

Anonymous Doctor Unleashes the Truth about Liberals Destroying America

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews one of our Conservative Business Journal Anonymous Sponsors that is unable to share who he is due to his position in corporate America. During the podcast, the Anonymous Sponsor shares... - Why his identity can't be shared since he's a Conservative Trump supporter in corporate America - Born and raised in New York City in a middle class, Jewish Democrat family - How he was never very political, but got caught up in the liberalism surrounding the Vietnam war  - When his eyes were opened to conservatism and how the political system truly works - Why he says that he didn't leave the Democrat party, they left him by moving so far to the left - How his concern for America grew over the last few years with cancel culture, indoctrination of college students, chaos in Democrat ran cities, political attacks attacks Conservatives and President Trumps, etc.  - This is the most important election in his lifetime especially with the Democrat party leaning toward socialism - Why he made the decision to become an Anonymous Sponsor and share his story, because he knows there are thousands if not millions of people just like him that fully support President Trump and the Conservative Movement - Corporate professionals, business owners, and others that have spoken out have been harassed, had their businesses destroyed, and/or fired from their jobs. That's why he wants to support and empower the Conservative Business Journal as an Anonymous Sponsor. Plus so much more!
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