47 minutes | Dec 23, 2019

Teaching Our Kids to Be Impactful Entrepreneurs: Braden Ricketts - 004

My guest on the podcast today is Braden Ricketts, co-founder of Build a Biz Kids. Find out how their programs are teaching entrepreneurship to the next generation of change makers, starting for kids as young as age seven. Build a Biz Kids doesn't focus on tech, but rather the fundamentals and the soft-skills associated with business to fulfill their mission of “Kids Taking Action”, and in the words of Braden, challenging them, not just cheerleading. We discuss the state of education, how we can teach and support our own kids to problem solve, and the skills required in the future, not just what's required today. We also get into how we're introducing young people to the idea of social entrepreneurship, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Join an in-depth discussion, with two dad's, wanting the best for the next generation.
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