44 minutes | Jan 19, 2020

Making Adventure Accessible in a Wheelchair: Tanelle Bolt - 008

When your life changes in an instant, you have a decision, do you spend your time wishing it was the same, or do you keep moving? Do you see limitations, medical system failures, and culture, and push to make things better from every angle? That is the attitude that Tanelle Bolt continues with. She is the founder of RAD Recreation Adapted Society, is an interior designer and accessibility consultant, and is an outdoor athlete all without any movement from her chest down. Through this episode, we talk about her journey, her experiences with the medical system, the lack of support, and the plethora of barriers built into everyday life because of a lack of forethought for people with disabilities. We also discuss the various ways she’s working to solve these problems through awareness, consulting, and her nonprofit. Full notes: https://joelmharrison.com/episode8/
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