47 minutes | Apr 8, 2020

Jumping Through Failures to Scale Your Impact: Justin Bedard - 018

I haven't felt so inspired to be an entrepreneur more before this episode, and not just because my guest today, Justin Bedard started a global organization (JUMP! Foundation) that inspires youth to make a difference. It's because he opens up about his failures, owns it, and learns from it. I don't hear this enough from social entrepreneurs. We see too much polished fetishizing of being an entrepreneur, and it doesn't usually match our own experience. In this episode we talk about everything from how nonprofits are struggling to find a social enterprise model, what being a nonprofit social enterprise even means, how JUMP! Foundation provides experiential learning to merge with a standard curriculum, the failures that shocked Justin into starting over, and the changes he made in leading his organization that launched them into their current success.
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