53 minutes | Feb 3, 2020

Giving Students Money to Invest in Impact: Steve Petterson - 010

Steve Petterson jumped straight out of school and dove into impact investing. Not long after, he started his own nonprofit, the National Social Value Fund, to give students the experience and exposure to impact he wishes he had. This conversation (and everything Steve is doing) got me fired up and inspired because I came from a similar situation. I too was introduced to the world of social enterprises from a wonderful teacher who went out of her way to mention it outside of the normal class. In this interview, we talk about the inspiration for the program, the experience of going through that beta test in the first year, the incredible impact that it can have on student empowerment, as well as amazing impact. We also talk about why they became a nonprofit, and how their model for impact investing is slightly different than a “traditional” investment fund.
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