49 minutes | Jan 6, 2020

Breaking Barriers to Employment with Chocolate: Mara Mennicken - 006

From ethical to organic, and fair-trade to inclusive employment, Mara Mennicken is molding the way businesses look at community impact through her example. Mara is the owner and chocolate making master at The Good Chocolatier, a Vancouver company. While previously reluctant to even run a business (because of her distaste for the negative impact of how businesses are often run), after a couple of years of volunteering with a friend, she eventually took over his business. And turned up the temperature on its community impact. The Good Chocolatier employs several people with autism by partnering with the PALS Autism Society. In this episode, we dive into how she made this happen, how it’s essential to how she does business now, and how you can also find ways to partner with marginalized communities or people with employment barriers.
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