48 minutes | May 21, 2019

Steele Sidebottom chats about his house fire, a bittersweet September & his kicking secrets

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) Steele Sidebottom intro, (01:45) Steele’s goal vs St Kilda, (03:00) His love of footy, (03:45) Growing up, (04:30) Sidebottom nicknames, (04:40) Jay spits his coffee all over ‘Rusty’, (05:30) Steele and his brothers, (06:00) Growing up with sport, (07:30) Man cave at Trent's, (08:35) Will you go home after footy?, (09:10) Fancy shoes, (09:40) Steele’s house burning down, (13:40) Easy going, (14:20) Steele the joker, (16:40) Pranking Ben Reid, (18:00) Left foot or right foot?, (20:00) Ball drop tips, (21:30) Have skills in the league dropped?, (22:30) The mental side of kicking, (24:00) Winning a flag at 19, (25:30) Early success, (27:00) “I wish I could go back and soak it all in”, (28:00) “The Grand Final clearly wasn’t one of my better games”, (31:00) Rat Pack, (31:30) Joining the Leadership Group, (32:00) “I had to change my ways”, (35:00) Tradie life, (37:30) Playing golf, (38:00) Twitter questions, (38:30) Stevo’s torp, (39:00) Steele’s boot talent, (41:30) Pendles tells a joke…, (42:00) GoT chat, (44:00) One club, (46:30) Brow chop and more.
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