16 minutes | Mar 14, 2016

023: Power of the Paycheck

Perspective matters When you begin to look at your day job as your first investor in your dream business you have a new perspective on it. Don’t begrudge humble beginnings I personally am not built to jump ship with no lifeline, I am more productive having the "stable income" as I build on the side. Done it hated it - so focused on income I never could build. It was paralyzing to me, but some folk can and need to burn the boats to really see it through and they thrive in that sink or swim atmosphere. Baby chicks or Eaglets need their wings to develop before they can fly and leaving the nest. Horses walk almost immediately and if they don’t there is a problem My tribe are chicks and that’s okay. Everything is not for everybody!Know your truth. JenaeNicole.com
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