35 minutes | Jun 3rd 2020

Episode # 6 - Key Tips, Tactics, and Strategies for Creating Engaging Videos w Mike Cuevas

Video is a key part of every successful agents marketing strategy but what can you do to improve and increase engagement and brand awareness? Branding and video marketing expert Mike Cuevas provides an in-depth review of core strategies, tips, and tactics you can use to create a powerful video strategy. Listen and learn which platforms are best for connecting with your sphere of influence and which are better for creating leads. Learn if you should use music, closed captioning, and graphics on your videos.Ever wondered exactly how long your videos need to be? Listen to the whole episode as Mike explains the "sweet spot" for video duration (which has recently changed on Facebook). Ready to upgrade your real estate career with an affordable coaching system that you can plug into today that offers massive value and is led by one of the most successful Brokers in the country?Explore the Path Performance Coaching Platform.
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