43 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Episode # 16 - How to Become Your Own Bank Featuring Financial Planning Expert Mark Willis

How do you become your own bank? This is a question answered by our guest Financial Planning Expert Mark Willis. In this session we dive deep into how he and his wife used a simple strategy to not only get out of debt but to completely transform how they purchase big ticket items by becoming their own bank, including real estate. This technique can completely transform how you think about money, investing, and your financial security. ____________Are you ready for a Real Estate Coach? Check out the Path Performance Coaching Platform! + 16 Weeks of Daily On-Demand Coaching + Hundreds of Downloads - System, Forms, Checklist, Scripts..+ Live Coaching - Multiple Times a Week+ Goal Tracking and Activity Tracking + Marketing Assets Delivered Weekly www.erealestatecoach.com 
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