53 minutes | Aug 22nd 2020

Episode #11 Stephanie Lindamood on Building a Scale-Able System Based Business Using Technology

Stephanie Lindamood is a Rockstar REALTOR, Influencer, Podcast Host, and Branding Expert. She has listed 141 properties in one twelve month period and has built a system based approach to working with clients by using technology that allows her to scale her business and provide amazing raving fan level service to her clients. Join the conversation as Stephanie shares her insights on building her business, the power of social media to create engagement, how technology transformed her client meetings, and how she masterfully engages with clients. This is a can't miss episode!Learn More about Stephanie @https://theglamgirlboss.com/realestateReady for a Real Estate Coach? 14 Days of FREE Coaching with Jim Remley Visit https://erealestatecoach.com to learn more!
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