41 minutes | Aug 6th 2020

Episode # 10 Rising Star Raegan Grobe on How to Grow Your Real Estate Business and Your Audience!

Raegan began her journey in real estate at the age of 15! Now in her early twenties she has grown to be a consistent top producer and rising star in the Tulsa, OK market. During our conversation she reveals how she approaches lead generation, social media, the concept of 'influencers', and why she built her own podcast. Relaxed, engaging, and down to earth Raegan is an open book and provides great insights into what the next generation of REALTORS needs to do to succeed as well providing guidance to veteran agents on how to adapt to a changing market landscape. ###Ready for a Real Estate Coach?Test drive the Path Performance Coaching Platform for Free Today!The Path Performance Coaching Platform4 Steps | 16 Weeks During 16 weeks of On-Demand Coaching you will be given the tools to gain complete control of your sales funnel, learn how to manage your business, your time, and your priorities, discover exactly what top producers do to develop, nurture, and create raving fans and most importantly master lead generation. The coaching is broken down into four steps that each include four weeks of training. Each day you will have a video lesson, a complete set of downloads, and a challenge to complete. Two Weeks of FREE Coaching with Jim Remley 
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