64 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

The Feds

Naya and Kayla are back and they are going to tell a terrifying story about a crazy night at a MIGOS concert (yikes). The girls talk about the soul cycling cult and Naya gives her impersonation on Leah Remini. Naya recently hung out with a man and shares some exciting news with everyone! Then, the girls go into the depths of OPP/FED work. Kayla will break down how to make the perfect secret/lurk account! The duo share stories about their own lurkers and give top tier tips n tricks on how to scope like a pro! The girls bring on a new segment on to the show that they call "JET TIP" and Naya gives a well creative JET TIP on sending nudes/thirst traps!!!Follow us:Instagram: @jetxblacklaTwitter: @jetxblackla
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