34 minutes | Jul 24, 2018

014: What's All the Ballyhoo About? Jesus Is Perfect Theology with Jake Veach

There’s so much wrangling and ballyhoo about theology! What is God like, really? How does he relate to us, and interact with us? What is the Kingdom of God anyway? In this episode: Jesus is perfect theology.

What you’re about to hear is a conversation with Jake Veach. He’s a staff pastor at Bethel Cleveland, with Senior Pastors Steve and Cindy Witt. He’s also the Director of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Cleveland.


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  • Jesus Christ is perfect theology. That’s a powerful statement. Yet he is the embodiment of truth. He carries the Kingdom of God. He perfectly conveys the nature of the Godhead to us.
  • And here’s an insight that we can run with … far and fast. The more understanding we have of who Christ really is to us, the more we will understand our identity. We’ll be empowered to experience our best life in the Larger Story Jesus is writing.
  • There’s more … in the conversation we discuss supernatural guidance (I like to think of it as God-intel), spiritual gifts for today (the abilities of Jesus distributed throughout his Body on earth), plus how challenging times are actually a blessing. It’s in the challenging times that we discover more of who Jesus is TO US, and who he can be THRU US.
  • Here’s a simple prayer we can pray without ceasing … Holy Spirit, show me more and more who Jesus is. Disclose to me everything that he has.



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