21 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

The One Thing You Can't Afford to Neglect Right Now

You've noticed the changes the last year has forced on your team, haven't you? You are likely leading a leaner team that's attempting to accomplish more than ever in different ways than before. With that as reality, the one thing you can't afford to neglect is this: your team culture. Listen to this episode for insights from Jenni Catron, Founder and CEO of the 4Sight Group, about the reasons you shouldn't be neglecting the development of your team and how you can start to focus on improving it TODAY!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • 3 reasons you need to be paying attention to culture
  • the 3 building blocks for organizational success
  • the definition of a remarkable culture
  • 3  things you can do today to move your culture in the right direction
  • 2 tools The 4Sight Group has that can help you on your journey

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