44 minutes | Sep 4, 2020

013: “Our mental health isn't separate from our physical health. It's just health; it's all the same.” Work fatigue and humanizing success with Lynae Cook

10 years later, Jen Amos reconnects and catches up with her old college friend Lynae Cook.This conversation will have you thinking about:Branding and how marketing should be looked at as a vesselHow to work through depression and work fatigueRespecting incrementalism and humanizing successConnect with Lynae on Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter @lynaecook or visit http://lynaecook.com/ --Enjoyed listening to Jen? Find her on the following shows during the off season:Holding Down the Fort Podcast https://holdingdownthefortpodcast.com/The Filipino American Woman Project http://tfawproject.com/The Thoughtful Entrepreneur (starting at ep. 500) https://upmyinfluence.com/podcast/500-new-year-new-show-with-josh-elledge-and-jen-amos/For more updates on Jen, visit http://jenamoscreates.com/
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