46 minutes | Jul 10, 2020

005: “Dare more, and have fun.” Activation mode, newcomer curiosity, and 100 new things to try with Dominika Hanc

Dominika Hanc is a formerly predictable marketer who stopped taking life so seriously and challenged herself to try 100 NEW THINGS. She documents her challenge on her 100 NEW THINGS TO TRY blog and social media to encourage women who refuse to become another boring adult to TRY MORE THINGS they've never done before, DARE more, and HAVE FUN! You can find her posting embarrassing stories and describing all her adventures on her Instagram.This conversation will have you thinking about…Waking up from “hibernation mode” and intentionally live and strive for personal growthHow to maintain a “newcomer curiosity” especially when moving to a new countryThe importance of having a support system when building a business100 new things to tryConnect with Dominika on Facebook or Instagram @100NewThingsToTry or visit https://100newthingstotry.com/--Enjoyed listening to Jen? Find her on the following shows during the off season:Holding Down the Fort Podcast https://holdingdownthefortpodcast.com/The Filipino American Woman Project http://tfawproject.com/The Thoughtful Entrepreneur (starting at ep. 500) https://upmyinfluence.com/podcast/500-new-year-new-show-with-josh-elledge-and-jen-amos/For more updates on Jen, visit http://jenamoscreates.com/
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