10 minutes | May 24, 2020

000: Conversations that have you say, "I needed this." Jeneric Conversations Trailer

Welcome to Jeneric Conversations, where it’s my intention to have you eavesdrop on my conversations with some incredible people in hopes that you’ll say, “Wow… I needed this.”I’m Jen Amos and, if it’s not obvious already, I named this show after myself! “Jeneric” is a combination of my name “Jen” and the word “generic.” “Generic” is defined as: the characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific. My intention for this show is to engage in relatable conversations with universal lessons from everyday individuals.This show is for you if…You're the kind of person that says, “I’m stuck, but not for long.”You consider yourself an introspective and proactive individual that’s actively seeking the next piece of inspiration to get you out of your temporary funk.You like to focus on what you can control.You consider the past as lessons and gifts that I can apply to today and tomorrow.You like to take what you’ve learned from others’ stories and personal discoveries and apply it to your life.--Enjoyed listening to Jen? Find her on the following shows during the off season:Holding Down the Fort Podcast https://holdingdownthefortpodcast.com/The Filipino American Woman Project http://tfawproject.com/The Thoughtful Entrepreneur (starting at ep. 500) https://upmyinfluence.com/podcast/500-new-year-new-show-with-josh-elledge-and-jen-amos/For more updates on Jen, visit http://jenamoscreates.com/
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