45 minutes | Aug 21, 2018

Are We Addicted To Social Media?

Alright, here it is, the "Everybody quit social media right now!" episode. Not really, but at the least, I want us all to become aware of how and when we use social media and identify what our intentions are when we use it.  Let's take a step back and evaluate whether or not we think we are addicted. Oh, and even more importantly, let's recognize that it can contribute to our anxiety and depression and obviously our FOMO. I'll share some ways that we can combat the downsides of social media and embrace the positive aspects. Let’s start a movement by setting a positive example. Set boundaries with your social media, be intentional, avoid the obvious pitfalls, pass it on. Tell your friends. We can do it. Bye. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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