42 minutes | Oct 20th 2018

GRL 2018 Bonus: Interviews: Kris Jacen, Lucy Lennox & Michael Pauley, Poppy Dennison, Markie Massey

In the final bonus episode from GRL 2018 we have four interviews.

Kris Jacen tell us about Loving Loch and what's coming up in her For Meseries.

Lucy Lennox and Michael Pauley discuss their partnership working on the audiobooks for the Marian and Wilde universes. Lucy also has the scoop on the new Heart 2 Heart charity anthology that's coming November 13.

Poppy Dennison reveals her new alter ego: Macy Blake. She's got details on the Chosen series.

We also catch up with Markie Massey from the Top 2 BOTM Podcast about the show's recent anniversary. Markie also talks about the Stallion Ridge series that she writes as Maz Maddox.

Complete shownotes for this bonus episode are at BigGayFictionPodcast.com.


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