55 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

Ep 236: Alice Archer and "The Infinite Onion"

Jeff reminds everyone about the release of the Hockey Allies Bachelor Bid Romances. The guys congratulate Smart Podcast, Trashy Books and Sarah Wendell for releasing episode 400 last week.

Candy Miller from Interlude Press talks with Jeff about The Tiny Book Fest, which takes place on Sunday, April 19 and Sunday, April 26 with several panels designed to bring authors and readers together to celebrate books in a virtual environment.

Alice Archer discusses her new novel, The Infinite Onion. She has details on what prompted her to write the story of Grant and Oliver and where the title comes from. She also chats about her other books, Repeating History and Executive Decision, as well as telling the story of how she got started writing.

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