74 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

#65 - 20 Years In The Making Clinton Sparks From Streets of Boston to the Top of The Music Industry.

Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast with your Host Jeff Lopes - On Episode #65 Clinton Sparks has to be one of our top conversations this season.  Clinton opens up on his past, how being abused as a child redefined him as a man and father.  We dive into a deep conversation with Clinton on his relationship with his parents, the ups and downs and how Clinton overcame winding road of uncertainty and crime to becoming one of the music industries must sought after names.

After 20 years of working in music as a DJ, Grammy-nominated producer, radio host and more, Clinton Sparks just released a book telling his philosophy on being successful in the music industry. It’s called “How to Win Big in the Music Business.”

The book includes a foreword by FUBU CEO and businessman Daymond John.

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