28 minutes | Sep 4, 2020

Galaxy's Edge @ Target, Hasbro Pulse Con, Cad Bane And Re-Releases

This episode of JBT covers the Target in-store Galaxy's Edge promotion, the announcement of Hasbro Pulse Co, the European convention exclusive Cad Bane and a number of re-releases from Star Wars The Black Series and Star Wars The Vintage Collection.  Check out those re-releases at Entertainment Earth (sponsored): Black Series Gamorrean Guard Black Series Mandalorian (first version) Black Series General Grievous Black Series Clone Commander Wolffe Black Series Clone Commander Gree Black Series Count Dooku Black Series Mace Windu Black Series Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Black Series Carbonized Stormtrooper The Vintage Collection Cara Dune The Vintage Collection Mandalorian Discussed Black Series Site Sections on JediBusiness.com Star Wars The Black Series Fall 2020 - Today Star Wars The Black Series 2013 - Fall 2020
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