58 minutes | Jan 1, 2021

A Look Back At Collecting SW Figures In 2020

Happy New Year and welcome back to another episode of JBT! On this episode Criz Bee takes a look back at how collecting Star Wars action figures has changed in 2020, from the way Hasbro releases information to the way we pre-order and purchase figures. The episode also features the Jedi Business Community TOP 5 figures for The Vintage Collection and The Black Series action figure lines, along with a look ahead into 2021 and even 2024 and beyond. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes please.  00:00 - 02:18 Intro02:18 - 04:24 How has collecting changed in 2020?04:24 - 06:07 Hasbro's rollout of news has changed06:07 - 07:55 Figures now stay in rotation07:55 - 08:17 What's the point of having Black Series Archive line?08:17 - 09:40 Exclusives being sold on specific days/times across different retailers09:40 - 12:00 Hasbro testing waters with their own exclusives12:00 - 15:31 S.T.A.R.S. and empty shelves15:31 - 20:30 TBS - The 40th Anniversary Of The Empire Strikes Back20:30 - 27:27 TVC - The 40th Anniversary Of The Empire Strikes Back27:27 - 30:05 RETRO - The 40th Anniversary Of The Empire Strikes Back30:05 - 34:30 2020's TOP 5 TBS and TVC figures as voted for by the community34:30 - 36:58 2020's HasLab Razor Crest36:58 - 40:50 2020's Galaxy's Edge Promotion @ Target40:50 - 47:09 Thoughts on Mando's second season47:09 - 51:45 Disney's Shareholder Presentation and collecting figures post 202351:45 - 54:34 Good-bye Darth Vader and Boba Fett54:34 - 58:09 When will we get more news? Thank you and Happy New Year! Check out Star Wars Figures @ Entertainment Earth TVC on JediBusiness.com TBS 2013 - Fall 2020 on J.B. TBS Fall 2020 - Now on J.B.
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