50 minutes | Jul 27, 2019

DAZ Studio 4.12 Beta – a Sneak Peek – 3D Shenanigans #25

On today’s stream I’ll take sneak-peek at the new features in the brand new beta version of DAZ Studio 4.12. It was released earlier this week, and it’s all about better animation tools: integrated features from GraphMate and KeyMate, and IK Chains inside a scene hierarchy. The highlights in this version are: overhaul of the regular timelineintegration of the KeyMate and GraphMate functionalityaddition of IK Chain feature for regular scenesViewport Performance setting finally defaults to “best” rather than “none” There’s a complete list of new features is here, and the full changelog can be found here. You can download the beta from here (it installs in parallel to the release version and will not affect your current settings or library). Patreon Supporters can get download the scene files from this stream here. Many thanks to Mike Myers for suggesting this topic for today’s stream
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