60 minutes | Sep 7, 2020

The Timpanogos Matter (Mary Meyer & Phil Gottfredson)

Mary Murdock Meyer is the Chief Executive of the Snake Shoshone Timpanogos Nation.

"As Chief Executive of the Timpanogos Nation I [Mary Meyer] have pondered many times how our people were forgotten. We are the living descendents of legendary Chiefs Walkara, Kanosh, Tabby, Arropeen, Washakie, Tintic, Sowiette, Sanpitch and others, who extended their hospitality to Mormon leader Brigham Young and his followers."

Phillip B Gottfredson has been researching the Black Hawk War since 1989 and has published "My Journey to Understand... Black Hawks Mission of Peace".

"Some 70,000 Timpanogos Indians — the aboriginal people of Utah — died from violence, starvation, and disease after Mormon colonists stole their land and destroyed their culture over a 21-year timeframe according to the detailed account Gottfredson learned from the Native Americans."


Music:  Keep My Memory

Jay Winter Nightwolf, Host

Verona Iriarte, Prayer

Moe Thomas, Production Editor

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