7 minutes | May 24th 2020

Discover Ways to Use Your Smartphone's Rear-Facing Cameras Beyond Taking Digital Photos

This episode of Jason Rich's Featured App of the Week explores some of the ways you can use your smartphone's rear-facing camera, beyond just taking photos. This includes using the Goole Lens feature of the free Google app to identify objects, locations, artwork, or products, for example. 

From this episode you'll also discover how to use your Apple iPhone or Android-based smartphone's rear-facing camera to identify and read QR codes, as well as how to transform your mobile device into a handheld scanner that can take any paper-based document and create a digital PDF file from it. 

Finally, you'll learn about ways mobile app developers are utilize augmented reality to enhance your online shopping experience, for example. 

The following is a listing of apps and services featured within this episode:

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