27 minutes | Jan 27th 2020

#79: How Japanese Particles Work, Basic Japanese Grammar Discussion.

Check out the full video on our YouTube channel now! Listen in on a discussion between Chisa and I on the basics of Japanese Grammar and Particles. This episode will expose you to how Japanese particles work and some basic examples. This episodes random phrases:  Shounen Manga - Boys Comic (Manga) Shoujou Manga - Girls Comic (Manga) WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. What Japanese Particles are. How they work. The importance of using the right particle. Basic Japanese Grammar rules. The power of particles within the sentence. A variety of examples to put this all into practice. For more Jappon checkout our other platforms. Instagram - @japponmedia Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1XV5wmceUffg730hCyTag     Japponline.com and sign up for all the information you will need! Prepare for next level learning like no other. Questions or comments? Email us at contactjappon@gmail.com     Please rate, comment, and subscribe to this podcast to help improve your future lessons :)
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