39 minutes | Dec 30th 2019

#77: Top 10 Crazy Japanese Superstitions.

Why do the Japanese care so much about blood types?  Why should all pregnant women clean their toilets?  Discover all the answers, along with 10 of the most interesting Japanese superstitions and their origins. Checkout our detailed BLOG POST on Japponline.com/blog for more information on the following superstitions. Do Not Cut Your Nails In The Evening. If You Clean The Toilet, You Will Have A Beautiful Baby. No Shaking Legs! Pushing In A Cowlick Results In Diarrhea The Next Day. Personality Types Are Based On Blood Types. The Size Of Your Earlobes Determines Your Wealth. Those Whose Hands Are Cold Have Warm Hearts. Sleeping Right After Eating Makes You A Cow. Numbers 4 & 9 Are Unlucky. Killing A Spider Will Send You To HELL... For more Jappon, checkout our other platforms. Instagram - @japponmedia Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1XV5wmceUffg730hCyTag     Japponline.com sign up for all the information you will need! Questions or Comments? Email us at contactjappon@gmail.com     Please rate, comment, and subscribe to this podcast to help improve your future lessons :)
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