82 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

Episode 341: Japan Top 10 October 2020 Artist of the Month: Androp “Listener Appreciation Month”

Scripted by: Kelsey

Hosted by: Ethel & Eric 

Quality Assured by: Hayley

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Vincent

Welcome to another Artist of the Month episode hosted by Ethel and Eric! This time we’re introducing you to the music of Androp, whose members’ names remained a mystery to everyone until two years after their debut! But when it comes to their live performances, they’re definitely the opposite of low-key. The four-member rock band is easily recognizable on stage thanks to their signature dazzling light visuals, momentous sound effects and most importantly, their earnest vocals reaching out to each and every fan.


12) Voice

11) Missing

10) Koi

9) Bright Siren

8) Ghost

7) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

6) Shout

5) Bell

4) Dreamer

3) Prism

2) Joker

1) Hikari

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