44 minutes | Mar 20th 2021

Miss Jaye: The Renovation - Episode 9, Well...That Was Unexpected!

We've been gone for a hot minute, but Miss Jaye is back with the next installment of The Renovation - she's reached the halfway point in her project, but is she wiser...or just older? PART ONE: So What Happened? Miss Jaye talks about what this project was supposed to be at the beginning and how it started to change. Self reflection is never easy - but this trip has been bananas! PART TWO: The Story So Far To understand where you're going, you've got to understand where you've been! Miss Jaye gives a rundown of the 7 books in #TheSquad that she's read do far, with some of her thoughts - the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly! Plus, she loves any excuse to make a SEX & THE CITY reference! PART THREE: You're Doing Great Sweetie! Are you though? Are you really? In this section Miss Jaye talks through some of the feelings that were coming up as she worked through the early episodes of THE RENOVATION and how the project continued to change and morph the deeper in she got! PART FOUR: The Shit Hits The Fan! Personal growth is hard enough without a global pandemic throwing a wrench into the works! In this section, Miss Jaye talks about how the arrival - and very long stay! - of Mean Miss 'Rona intensified her feelings of loneliness and isolation - but also helped her gain perspective in rather surprising ways! PART FIVE: Let's Marie Kondo This Shit! She's got a new focus, and she's ready to go! Miss Jaye sets up what she wants to achieve in the second half of this series and talks about the next book in #TheSquad - we're not exactly sure what it's about, but we know that she's already halfway there! PART SIX: The World Turned Upside Down Once again, we are so fortunate to have this episode's Brene Brown quote read by none other than Ash from The Upside Down Podcast! Find out more about where you can hear the show - they helped get Miss Jaye through lockdown, and they keep coming out with great content while we all wait patiently for season 4! While we're going to be serving up some humor and plenty of snark, mental health is no laughing matter. Nothing in this series is meant to constitute medical advice, and is presented for entertainment purposes only. If you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit SuicidePreventionHotline.org. We love you.
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