41 minutes | Sep 5th 2020

Soups And Sweater Season

Start the show off with a song "Wing Walker" that was inspired by a Walton's episode, John boy just met a female wing walker and needed to interview her for his newspaper.  Why she said she was doing such a dangerous and crazy thing and the real reason why John boy found out was two different reasons.

We talk about new fans from around the world who are discovering the podcast.

We reference a song  we wrote inspired by a saying our good friend Ryan Szucs grandmother used to say, Ryan is also one of our top graphic designers for the Tia McGraff artist camp.

Ryan Szucs information: https://www.instagram.com/ryanszucs

                               Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/szucs.ryan

Also featured in this episode is a song co-written with our friend Lisa Hentrich, from Nashville, who also was inspired and co-wrote God And My Girlfriends,  she also created a vessel for hope, prayer and fellowship and community from the same idea, Which we talk about as well. 

Lisa Hentrich: www.facebook.com/lisa.hentrich www.instagram.com/GAMGstories/





Songs In This Episode:

          Wing Walker / Own Your Sunshine / Be Still / Hope Is Everything

                           written by Tia McGraff -Tommy Parham

                   Fawn Ti Publishing SOCAN  - MandiTY Music - ASCAP

                                             Beautiful Sky: 

written by: Lisa Hentrich -Twinkle Town Music 

                        Tia McGraff - Tommy Parham


backing music to story : Mind Stream by Chris Haugen

from YouTube channel:

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Intro Song: Abigail  from the Break These Chains CD

Outro Song: Radical Road from the Diversity CD